Quotes has a built in quote system. It allows to add, display and delete quotes. Adding a quote automatically assigns an ID and saves a timestamp, the quoting user, the platform as well as the current category (like "Just Chatting").


In order to use the built in quote system, navigate to Settings -> Quotes and check Enabled.

Quote Settings

In here you'll see all quotes that have been added to your already and you'll also be able to change the permissions to add quotes.

Quote Permissions

Deleting quotes is reserved for the broadcaster and moderators only.

And you're all done already!


The quote commands are also already built in. So you don't need to create any extra commands.

!quote add [Quote]

Adds the quote.

!quote del [Quote ID]

Deletes the specified quote.

!quote [Quote ID]

Shows the specified quote in chat.


Shows a random quote in chat.

You'll need a Show Quote trigger to display quotes in chat. See below.


You can add triggers for adding and showing quotes.

  1. Quote Added
    The "Quote Added" trigger fires whenever you add a quote. It's totally optional, but you can use it to give a chat response that quote X has been successfully added.
    Quote Added
  2. Show Quote
    The "Show Quote" fires upon entering the !quote or !quote [Quote ID] command. To display quotes in chat, that one is required. This trigger already handles specific and random quotes automatically.
    Quote Added

Quote Added

Now that C# methods exist to add quotes, you can even further specify the permissions of adding, deleting or getting quotes.



Quotes Sub-Actions

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Quotes Triggers

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C# Methods

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