A brief history of Streamer.bot

Prior to the public release, Streamer.bot, previously known as Channel Points Handler, was available within the VR streaming comminuty for just over a year.

On August 20th, 2021, with the help of many amazing people, it was finally made available to everyone!

The amount of support, and shear number of folks using (and learning!) Streamer.bot over time has been rather overwhelming.

I never thought it would gain this much traction, and so far, there are no signs of it slowing down.

Streamer.bot will always and forever be dedicated to the loving memory of my mother.
May you rest in peace, you will be missed. 1954-2021

Many thanks to all those who use it, and to those who show an interest in it.

Lyfesaver74, Whipstickgostop, Krayn_, Geocym, Njna_Grimsdottir, TinkerGlitch, Quin69, MeepsKitten, Exiled Vigor, GaiusPanda, Kimakeru, SuperiorBuds, BeauwithaBang, ChefBrent, PioneerTulip, silvermonkey, Troyhammaren, greifer, VRFlad, TheLegendTubaGuy, WaldoAndFriends, Speedy, Anonymously42, LOOPYFIST, CrazyLittle, Jesus_Pals, Pikacools, Harry Plotter, MadCapthulhu, Corben78, Andilippi, FreakVR, Ravendarq, XypherOrion, MrLiveProducer, Crindash, unknownorchid, TiddyVRLive, EggFriedCheese, SUDO

And anyone else who I may have forgotten; thank you for the support.