HTTP Server

Interact with your instance with the HTTP API


HTTP Server Settings


  • Default:
To make your bot available to your entire network, you can set this to or your LAN IP address


  • Default: 7474

Auto Start

Enable this setting to automatically start the HTTP server when starts up


/GetActions (GET)

This is a very basic request, and will get you a list of the actions in CPH, this mirrors the Websocket server request.

"actions": [
    "id": "<action guid>",
    "name": "<action name>"

/DoAction (POST)

This will allow you to execute an action, it returns no data, only a 204 No Content response, it is a POST method and requires the following data

  "action": {
    "id": "<guid>",
    "name": "<name>"
  "args": {
    "key": "value",

/GetCredits (GET)

You can retrieve the credits data via this request.

Request results will be

  "Events": {
    "Follows": [],
    "Cheers": [],
    "Subs": [],
    "ReSubs": [],
    "GiftSubs": [],
    "GiftBombs": [],
    "Raided": [],
    "RewardRedemptions": [],
    "GoalContributions": [],
    "GameUpdates": [],
    "Pyramids": []
  "HypeTrainConductor": [],
  "HypeTrainContributors": [],
  "User": {
    "Editors": [],
    "Moderator": [],
    "Subscriber": [],
    "VIPs": [],
    "Users": [],
    "regulars": []
  "Custom": {},
  "TopBits": {
    "All": [],
    "Month": [],
    "Week": []
  "TopChannelRewards": []

/TestCredits (GET)

This will provide a credits data but with dummy data filled in so you can do testing

/ClearCredits (GET)

This will clear the credits, and return a 204 No Content response

/ClearFirstWordsCache (GET)

This will clear the first words cache, and return a 204 No Content response